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  1. Lou Brad

    Well I cant wait to check out the Catholic version of the ESV. The protestant ESV is sadly deficient. At our Interdenominational Christmas Service each year, at the local governmental school, the Anglican Pastor began using the ESV a few years back. I had a number of exchanges with him about the fact that Mary and Joseph were betrothed (rather than engaged) – betrothal being part of the 3-part Jewish Marriage. But he stuck to his guns and had the kids read “Mary was engaged to Joseph” which of course made Mary an exemplar of unmarried motherhood. Even one of the Evangelical teachers who uses the King James, objected and refused to participate in the Service. But I am sure now there is a “Catholic” version, an anomaly like that, being an insult to Mary, destroying her Immaculate status, will be absent.

  2. catholicbiblestudent Post author

    @Lou: The ESV and ESV-CE read at Matt 1:16 “When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit.” In both editions, the ESV includes a footnote to the word “betrothed” which reads: “That is, legally pledged to be married”

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