5 thoughts on “ESV Catholic Edition Bible: First Look Photos

  1. Timothy Smith

    I beg you in the name of all that are decent and God fearing – could we please have this ESV-CE in a QUALITY leather with excellent binding, good paper, etc? So tired of the mediocrity in Catholic Bible publishing. Faux leather, glued bindings. It’s bad enough we have to deal with that crap in “missalettes”. We shouldn’t have to deal with it in our Bibles! Any chance of giving an indicative schedule for future releases and summary of specifications? Thank you so much for bringing this version to the US market.

  2. James

    Is this the fifty dollar paperback from the Augustine Institute, or one of the ATC-India editions?

    Thanks for the photos!

  3. catholicbiblestudent Post author

    @Timothy: I think you can look forward to some new Bible products in the ESV-CE coming out over the next months and years. I don’t have a schedule of releases.

  4. catholicbiblestudent Post author

    These pictures show the December 2019 Augustine Institute edition of the ESV-CE, dubbed “the Augustine Bible.”

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