Me with Constantine

Me with Constantine

My name is Mark Giszczak. I teach graduate classes on biblical topics at the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO.

I love the Bible and want to help Catholics read it more and read it well. I enjoy reading, writing, and teaching.

I’ve been blogging here since 2006. This blog is a place I can share thoughts, insights and things that are likely to get missed when reading the Bible. Often I get inspired to write when I’m in between two things, that is, when I’m looking for one thing and find something I didn’t expect. Since it is called “Catholic Bible Student,” I write about things having to do with Catholicism, the Bible and the habit of study.

To give you a taste of how I blog, here are some of my more popular posts:
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Thomas a Kempis in Dei Verbum?
Council of Jamnia

I wrote my dissertation on the Song of Songs and I’ve written a few things that are out there online: introductions to the books of the Bible at CNA and some pieces for the Catholic Exchange.

You can contact me by email at mark -at- or by commenting on a blog post.

My degrees:

Ph. D., The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (2013)
S.S.L., Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome (2016)
S.S.B., Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome (2014)
M. A., Augustine Institute, Denver, CO (2007)
B. Phil., Ave Maria College, Ypsilanti, MI (2005)