Holy Land Pilgrimage – May 2019

I’m excited to announce that this May 16-26 (2019), I will be co-leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Bishop Richard Henning, auxiliary of the Diocese of Rockville Center.

The Holy Land is such an amazing experience—to walk in the places where Jesus walked, to visit Bethlehem where he was born, Galilee where he taught and Jerusalem where he died and rose again! It is often referred to as the “fifth gospel” since paying a visit to the Holy Land fills in so many details that you could never pick up only by reading the Bible. The Bible comes to life when you look out over the same Sea of Galilee where the disciples fished and met Jesus, when you go to the places like Capernaum where Jesus performed miracles.

Not only does a trip to the Holy Land enhance your understanding of history and Scripture, it brings you into an unforgettable spiritual experience. To pray on Mt. Calvary where Jesus died for our sins, to visit the tomb where he rose from the dead, to visit the Upper Room where the Last Supper took place—these are opportunities for you to experience God’s presence in a profound way. A pilgrimage like this is not about a week’s vacation away from home, but a life-changing experience you’ll carry with you forever. Everytime you read the Bible, go to Mass or pray the Rosary, you will be thinking of the holy places you visited.

If you’d like to consider coming to the Holy Land with me and Bishop Henning, please take a look at the flyer and registration form:

One thought on “Holy Land Pilgrimage – May 2019

  1. T T Joseph

    A visit to the holy land is an unforgettable experience. I spent ten days there a few years ago. Can’t describe the peace and contentment and sheer joy in being in the places made holier by Our Lord’s life there.. Sometimes I felt that that the pebble I stepped on was stepped on by Jesus two millennia before! Even though the place is not the same as it was then, we still can feel his presence there. The air we breathe, the water you see., the wind that blows against your face, all , the same. We feel cleansed ! Even though it may not exactly be the same spots, it could have been around those marked by people later. That is enough. Hallelujah!

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