Jesus Tomb Story

This Sunday, Discovery channel is going to air a documentary entitled “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” The basic claim of the film, directed by James Cameron of “Titanic” fame, is that a tomb excavated in 1980 contained the tomb of Jesus himself, plus his “wife” Mary Magdalene, his child Judah and Joseph and Mary. The claims are far-fetched, but the data is complex. The best sorting through of all the data I’ve found is on Ben Witherington’s blog, he also had a column in the front section of the Wall Street Journal today.

Check out these links on Ben Witherington’s blog:
March 1
February 28
February 27

The link to “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” website.
The link to the book “The Jesus Family Tomb.”

UPDATE: Check out Richard Bauckham’s statement on the tomb
Also, Bauckham’s own corrections.

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