Next week, I’ll be interviewed on EWTN Radio’s “Morning Glory” show.

I was recently interviewed on a couple shows:

  • Spirit Catholic Radio “Spirit Mornings” show with Jen and Bruce on March 3:

Spirit Mornings Interview mp3 download

Son Rise Morning Show


SonRise 2016_02_22

Podcast Episode



Filetype: MP3 – Size: 164.82MB – Duration: 3:00:00 m (128 kbps 44100 Hz)

Note: My interview begins around the 2:10 mark in this audio file.

One thought on “Interviews

  1. Lawrence P. McGowan, Ph.D.

    This is a reply to your interview with Ralph Martin about Saul’s failure at Amalek. It may actually connect up with David’s action years later. When he was fleeing Jerusalem during the uprising of Absalom, he was cursed by Shimei. Yet he refused to kill him believing that God might be instructing him through Shimei.
    In the book of Esther the villain is Haman, the agagite (a reflection of Saul’s failure?). The heroes are Mordecai and Esther, descendents of Shimei (a lesson in David’s action?).
    Are at least some of the dark moments in the Bible clarified later in their results?
    Lawrence P. McGowan

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