Verse Numbering Systems in Esther

Catholics accept the Greek additions to Esther as canonical, while most Protestants do not. Unfortunately, no uniform number system has been developed for incorporating the Greek editions in Esther. They are always arranged in the same order, according to the Septuagint’s ordering, but each major Catholic translation or version follows a different numbering system. So, in attempt to make sense of things for myself, I compiled this chart which compares numbering systems for Esther in the New American Bible, the Vulgate, the Nova Vulgata and the typical Protestant numbering for the book (which coincides with the Hebrew numbering). I know this is rather tedious, but I couldn’t find a resource like this on the internet and figured I would supply it. You can access the NAB, the Vulgate and the Nova Vulgata in the sidebar on this website. Maybe I will make a further post which lists the books which Catholics accept as canonical, but for now, here is my comparison of verse numbering systems in Esther. As a reminder, Protestants accept Hebrew Esther as canonical, while Catholics accept Hebrew Esther plus the Septuagint’s Greek additions. All the parts not listed in the “Protestant Esther” column are Greek.

Verse Number Systems for Esther According to the Catholic Canon Compared with Esther According to the Protestant Canon.

NAB Vulgate Nova Vulgata Protestant Esther
A 11:2-12:6 1:1a-1:1k
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2
3:1-13 3:1-13 3:1-13 3:1-13
B:1-7 13:1-7 3:13a-3:13g
3:14-15 3:14-15 3:14-15 3:14-15
4:1-8 4:1-8 4:1-8 4:1-8
B:8 15:1-3 4:8a
4:9-16 4:9-16 4:9-16 4:9-16
C 13:8-14:19 4:17-4:17kk
D 15:4-19 5:1-2
D:1 (omitted)
5 5 5 5
6 6 6 6
7 7 7 7
8:1-12 8:1-12 8:1-12 8:1-12
E 16 8:12a-8:12cc
8:13-17 8:13-17 8:13-17 8:13-17
9 9 9 9
10 10 10 10
F 10:4-13 10:3a-10:3k

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  1. David

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to compose this chart for the Book of Esther. After looking for a chart to compare the different numbering systems on the internet, your chart became available and it is helpful. Thank you.

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