Ten Commandments Animated Movie

Ten Commandments Movie 2007 TrailerThe most amazing home videos are here

Promenade Pictures is coming out with a new animated film called The Ten Commandments. I hope you enjoy the trailer for it. Christian Slater does the voice of Moses. It is done in 3D animation, but the characters don’t look like they are textured quite right. They seem smooth like action figures rather than like real people. I dunno, judge for yourself. It is certainly encouraging to see Bible-based movies still coming out. But it seems funny to me that we would get another Exodus movie (anyone remember Prince of Egypt?) rather than a movie that tells a different great Bible story. I mean, how many movies are out there about Abraham or Jeremiah or even Job? But I’m still going to watch The Ten Commandments. It looks visually impressive and well-presented. Let me know what you think of it!

(Make sure to notice the consonantal Hebrew on the tablets in the trailer. Not bad for Hollywood. Though any written Hebrew in Moses time would be written with a much different script…whatever.)

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