1 Chronicles Family Tree

I was reading 1 Chronicles yesterday. Well, actually I was listening to 1 Chronicles while I was driving. And I thought, “You know, it’d be really nice to have a family tree that makes sense of all these genelogies.” And Voila! I found one today online.

Check out this biblical family tree by Jim Belote. It must have taken forever to do this. But it sorts through all the complications of the Old Testament genealogies. It includes complex diagrams for polygamous relationships, indications of firstborn where appropriate and it is color-coded for kings and priests. Take a look at it next time you try to read 1 Chronicles!

I found more genealogical charts which specfically lay out the genealogies of the first part of 1 Chronicles. These charts are more clear than the one on the website listed above and they are directly related to 1 Chr rather than a general biblical genealogy. Yet the charts are not connected to one another, so distant connections are harder to make. They are in Myers, Jacob M. II Chronicles. Anchor Bible, vol. 13. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1965.

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