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I just added a few Bible links on the right hand column. There’s a link for the major Catholic translations in use that are web-published: New American Bible (1970), Revised Standard Version (1951), New Jerusalem Bible (1985) and Douay-Rheims (1609). The NAB is the one used for all Catholic liturgy in the US. It was translated by members of the Catholic Biblical Association in the US. The RSV was originally translated by English Protestants as a revision of the King James Version. The English Catholic bishops approved its use among Catholics, but it is not to be used for liturgy in the United States. The Douay-Rheims version was the first major English translation of the Bible, preceding the King James by 2 years. It is a translation of the Latin Vulgate, not from Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. The New Jerusalem Bible is a revision of the Jerusalem Bible, which was translated by English Catholics in the mid-twentieth century.

I also added a link and search bar to the English Standard Version, my favorite translation. It is a fresh translation, produced in 2002. It follows the traditional theological language of English Bibles (KJV, ASV, RSV) and prizes word-for-word accuracy. I think it is the best translation on the market and look forward to the day when it is produced in a Catholic edition.

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