Me with Constantine

Me with Constantine

My name is Mark Giszczak. I teach graduate classes on biblical topics at the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO.

I love the Bible and want to help Catholics read it more and read it well. I enjoy reading, writing, and teaching.

I’ve been blogging here since 2006. This blog is a place I can share thoughts, insights and things that are likely to get missed when reading the Bible. Often I get inspired to write when I’m in between two things, that is, when I’m looking for one thing and find something I didn’t expect. Since it is called “Catholic Bible Student,” I write about things having to do with Catholicism, the Bible and the habit of study.

To give you a taste of how I blog, here are some of my more popular posts:
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Thomas a Kempis in Dei Verbum?
Council of Jamnia

I wrote my dissertation on the Song of Songs and I’ve written a few things that are out there online: introductions to the books of the Bible at CNA and some pieces for the Catholic Exchange.

You can contact me by email at mark -at- or by commenting on a blog post.

My degrees:

Ph. D., The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (2013)
M. A., Augustine Institute, Denver, CO (2007)
B. Phil., Ave Maria College, Ypsilanti, MI (2005)